AquaLink™ Interface Board

Cover-Pool-Interface-BoardBy including a Cover-Pools Interface Board*  with their purchase of a Zodiac® AquaLink control system, pool owners gain the following functionality:

  • The One Touch controller and iAquaLink show whether the pool cover is open or closed.
  • Automatically reduce the filter pump time when the pool is covered.
  • Automatically adjust the AquaPure output percentages when the pool is covered. 
  • Automatically shut off water features when the pool is covered.
  • Automatically turn off pool lights when the pool is covered.
  • Automatically shut off booster pump cleaners when the pool is covered. 

This increased functionality will:

  • Lengthen the life of the salt cell.
  • Avoid over chlorination of one’s pool.
  • Save water and electricity, protect the cover, and give pool owners extra peace of mind.
* Now available (Part #B0025100) exclusively from Cover-Pools. Product to be installed by pool builder/pool electrician.


iphone-iAquaLink      AquaLink with covered pool