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T4 is a game changer! We want to sell the best and T4 is far superior to any rope-based system. The competition really does not have anything like it. Because I now install the T4 stainless steel cable system on every pool, the old rope systems look very old and clunky. And it really helps to have a great customer and product support group and Cover-Pools does a fantastic job of taking care of me."

Jack Taylor, 
Paragon Pools
Cover-Pools’ new T4 is amazing. The T4 is unlike anything I’ve seen in my twenty-nine years with covers. The T4 installs faster, takes up less space in the housing, provides more options for pool design, allows for faster adjustment, and best of all, stainless steel cable will not stretch or shrink—covers run straight and true, for eternity.”

Tom Odeski
Pool Cover Resource

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Superior Durability

  • Built for aircraft-grade stainless steel cable
  • No stretching or shrinking like traditional rope
  • No more service calls due to misaligned covers

The Biggest Automatic Pool Cover Innovation in Decades

1. Adjustable CorrResist End Hub
2. All Stainless Steel Hardware
3. Large 1½” Pulleys
4. Drum Brake
5. Positive/Sure-Shift Drive
6. Reel Brake
7. Auto-Tension CorrResist Cable Reels with Adjustable Diameter

8. Vertical Pulleys (poolside)
9. Quick-Cable Attachment
10. Industrial Grade Slip Clutch or AutoStop Option (not shown)
11. Thick Hard-Coated Anodizing on Marine-Grade Aluminum Brackets
12. Quick Install Cradle
13. New Condensed Motor with Potted Capacitor

Easy Installation

  • Separate mounting cradle contributes to a quicker installation
  • Adjustable end hub slides to accommodate any varying length in your roller tube
  • What was once a two-person job is now only a one-person job

Maximum Adjustability

  • Auto-Tension torsion springs keep tension on cables ensuring smooth cable pickup
  • Algin leading edge with the turn of the Reel Diameter Adjustment screw for a flush cover seal every time

Smaller Footprint

  • Fits 23” motor end vs 28”
  • 24” box requirement vs 32”
  • Thinner cable reels
  • Shifting mechanism uses less space

The First and Only Automatic Pool Cover System Designed for Stainless Steel Cable

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When our founder, Joe Lamb, invented the automatic pool cover in 1959, he also created a safety device to protect his family. Since then, we’ve been protecting families and their pools with the most innovative pool cover systems in the world.

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You will receive extensive training on our best-in-class products. We also offer dealer school taught by our team of experienced pool professionals.

We guarantee fast delivery on all your orders. We ship unit and fabric orders in 1-2 business days and parts orders the same or next day.

All team members has actual professional pool cover experience and our toll-free support number is always answered by a real person within the first few rings

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