Automatic Water Removal Pump

The automatic water-removal pump removes water that may accumulate on top of the pool cover. All solid surface safety covers must include an automatic water-removal pump to meet A.S.T.M. safety standards.

CoverBlast® Nozzle

The CoverBlast is an “L-shaped” nozzle that attaches to the cover pump and eliminates the need for garden hoses that take up deck space, often freeze, and are frequently a tripping hazard. The CoverBlast shoots the water in the air, will not freeze, and can stay attached to the pump when you store it away. CoverBlast shoots 25 feet when attached to an 1800 GPH cover pump.

CoverBlast® is a registered trademark of J Plus Products Inc.

Visit CoverBlast.com for more information

Easy Roller

The Easy Roller System reduces cover friction and residual water pooling on top of the fabric making for smoother cover operation. By reducing the friction between the cover and the beam edge, the Easy Roller allows for less wear on the fabric, while maintaining cover performance.

ladder hinge
Ladder Hinge

Ladder hinges allow built-in obstructions such as ladders, slides, and handrails to be easily lifted out of the tracks’ path when opening and closing the pool cover.

Ladder HInge
leaf guard
Leaf Guard
Leaf Guard

The leaf guard is a decorative covering for the leading edge entrance into the recessed box that matches the pool cover. To protect the mechanism housing from rain, leaves, and other debris, you can add the weighted leaf flap, which includes a pocket that can accept 2″ PVC pipe or other material to hold the flap down. The leaf guard is available for standard lids, Bezel™ lids, and Vanishing Lids™.

leaf guard with pocket