Home Owners Recommend Cover-Pools
Description: Two mothers discuss why they will not own a pool without a Cover-Pools automatic pool cover, including keeping their family safe, keeping their pool clean, and saving energy and money.

Why Cover-Pools Automatic Pool Covers are the Standard with Professional Pool Builders
Description: A pool builder discusses why he adds a Cover-Pools automatic pool cover to his pools and the benefits he gains from working with Cover-Pools, Zodiac, and their distributors.

90-second Overview of Automatic Pool Covers

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Description: A short overview describing the benefits of automatic pool covers. Download this video to your tablet or phone and let others know why an automatic pool cover is one of the best investments for your pool.

Cover-Pools Consumer Video
Description: Cover-Pools consumer video highlights the benefits of an automatic pool cover and why Cover-Pools is the best automatic pool cover manufacturer for the end user.

Cover-Pools Dealer Video
Description: Cover-Pools dealer video highlights the benefits of an automatic pool cover and why Cover-Pools is the best automatic pool cover manufacturer for the pool architects, builders, and distributors.

Cover-Pools Tradeshow Video
Description: See why pool builders choose to work with Cover-Pools when installing an automatic pool cover on swimming pool.

T4™ Motor & Mechanism
Description: The New T4™ is the first automatic pool cover system designed for stainless steel cable offering superior durability over traditional rope systems. T4 also offers the industry’s shortest electric footprint fitting a smaller 23-inch motor side.

BigRed™ Motor & Mechanism
Description: The big RED is an advanced 3/4 horsepower, high-torque, waterproof motor made to power your pool cover with precision and ease.

Cover-Pools Quad-Core Fabric
Description: Cover-Pools Quad-Core 18 ounce fabric is the product of over 50 years of experience.

CorrResist Technology
Description: Cover-Pools CorrResist technology prevents corrosion by isolating dissimilar metals and using high-grade stainless steel and marine-grade materials. This makes Cover-Pools the best automatic pool cover for salt water pools.

Cover-Pools and Zodiac AquaLink
Description: Adding a Zodiac AquaLink to your Cover-Pools automatic pool cover allows you to automatic control pool features and view the status of your pool cover.

Cover-Pools Owner’s Manual
Description: Cover-Pools owner’s manual video playlists provides an overview of how to care for and operate your new safety pool cover.

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