AquaLink® Automation


With Jandy® AquaLink® integration, Cover-Pools pool cover owners
can control other pool features based on the position of their
cover. When the cover is closed, AquaLink will deactivate any water
features, limit chlorine output, and reduce pump runtime saving up to
50% on energy and chemicals.


By including a Cover-Pools Interface Board with their purchase of
a Jandy AquaLink control system, pool owners gain the following

  • One Touch ™ controller shows whether the pool cover is open,
    closed, or partially open
  • iAquaLink ® app* shows whether the pool cover is open, closed, or
    partially open
  • Salt chlorine production levels automatically adjust when the
    cover is opened or closed
  • Water features, booster pump cleaners and pool lights will
    automatically shut off when the cover is closed
  • Pump runtime automatically decreases when the cover is closed


This increased functionality will automatically:

  • Save energy and operating costs
  • Lengthen the life of the salt cell
  • Avoid over chlorination of the pool
  • Save water, protect the cover, and give
    pool owners extra peace of mind


* For safety, the app cannot operate the cover as the
control must be mounted in view of the pool.


Learn more about the Jandy AquaLink automation systems here

cover-pools aualink control board