Key Switch
Elektra Key Switch
Elektra Key Switch

The key switch control comes standard with automatic cover systems. Simply turn the key to cover or uncover the pool.

Allen Bradley Keyswitch
Allen Bradley Keyswitch
Digital Control
CoverLink Wired Control
CoverLink Wired Control

The CoverLink digital control allows you to program four access codes for access to the pool cover system. This easy-to-use touchpad also has a wireless version, providing several options for mounting the control within the view of the pool.

• Easy-to-use touchpad
• Program up to 4 unique codes
• Includes master code for service and for pool owner
• Built-in memory card remembers information even if power is interrupted
• Can be installed on a wall or into a standard light switch box
• Separate control pads can operate the same pool cover
• LED lights show signal operation
• Water-resistant construction
• Can be installed with existing systems
• Can be used with Cover-Pools accessory board to control operation of water features, fiber-optics, or alarms in conjunction with opening and closing the cover
• No key needed

• Flexible options for mounting the touchpad in view of the pool
• Multiple channels to prevent wireless signal interference
• Multiple network ID numbers allow concurrent users in one area
• Easy to replace AA batteries

Note: The wireless touchpad must be mounted in view of the pool and does not function as a remote control.

CoverLink Wireless Touchpad
CoverLink Wireless Touchpad