Lids and Benches

Standard Lids
Standard Lid

Our standard lid offers an economical way to conceal and protect the recessed mechanism when using Underside track. It is composed of anodized aluminum and is designed to sit flat on the deck.


Note: The standard lid is not designed to be walked on.

Auto Cover with Standard Lid
Auto Cover with Standard Lid
Deck on Deck Auto Cover with Standard Lid
Blue Auto Cover w/ Standard Lid
Standard Lid with Lid End Protectors

Lid end protectors raise the standard lid to provide clearance for Universal or SnapTop™ track while concealing the recessed mechanism.

Standard Lid with End Protectors
Bezel™ Step-On Aluminum Lids

Bezel aluminum lids offer step-on strength with a streamlined appearance and beveled edges.

Flat Bezel™ Lid

The Flat Bezel lid provides step-on strength with a more streamlined appearance and beveled edges. The Flat Bezel lid is designed for Underside track systems.

Bezel Lid
Tilted Bezel Lid

The Tilted Bezel lid for Universal and SnapTop track systems features step-on strength with a narrow tilt to accommodate the track. It features beveled edges.

Tilted Bezel Lid
Flush Mount Lid

Our Flush mount lid is a walk-on lid that completely covers a recessed pool cover mechanism while remaining even with the surface of the deck. The frame for the flush mount lid provides quick and easy installation and removal of the lid brackets.


The Flush mount lid integrates seamlessly for vinyl liner pools and is available for wood or concrete boxes with Underside™ track.

Flush Mount Lid
Vanishing Lid™ System

The Vanishing Lid provides the most integrated look for concealing the mechanism. Your coordinating deck material hides the mechanism housing and seamlessly blends in with the rest of the deck. The finished tray and deck material provide a strong walk-on lid that can blend with the surrounding deck.


You can even create extended Vanishing Lids that allow the cover to retract completely under the lids and hide the leading edge.

Vanishing Lid Tray

Vanishing Lid trays are stainless steel trays that support the base of your deck material. Because the trays are completely custom you can create lid sections any size you want. They are available with mesh supports or hat sections for added support and include two bolts for mounting to the bracket clips.

Hidden Leading Edge
Extended Lid Closeup
Extended Vanishing Lid
Vanishing Lid
Vanishing Lid
Bracket w/ Tape
Bracket w/ Clip
Vanishing Lid brackets

Cover-Pools Vanishing Lid brackets are strong, adjustable stainless steel brackets. Extensions allow the brackets to adjust from 11.5″ to 23.5″ and accommodate lids up to 2′ wide. The bracket includes three types of attachments—anti-skid tape, adhesive plates, or lid clips—which provide a variety of options for attaching Vanishing Lids.

Vanishing Lid Forms
Adjustable Vanishing Lid Forms

The Adjustable Vanishing Lid forming system is a durable, prefabricated form to assist you in creating your own custom Vanishing Lid to cover the mechanism housing. Each forming system can create up to three lid sections that are 24” long and adjustable up to 24” wide. Choose between two coping options—Type A coping to match Cover-Pools curved Type-A reusable coping form or flat coping to create a lid with two straight edges. The forms include a lip to hide the bracket or to create a flat section to cover the mechanism end.

Vanishing Lid Form with Bracket
Poured Vanishing Lid with Bracket
Deck Mount Options

When mounting to the deck surface, choose from our Everlast™ line or build your own using our custom bench frames to neatly conceal and protect your motor and mechanism.

Everlast™ Bench

This kit offers a convenient, durable, and low-maintenance way to cover your motor, mechanism and fabric. 

Choose from 3 different colors: White, Tan, and Gray

Everlast deck mount material colors

Everlast Bench
EverLast Bench Lid
Stainless Steel Frame
Painted Frame
Custom Bench Frames

Build your own custom bench from wood or other materials using our support frames.

Custom Redwood Bench
Custom Redwood Bench
Everlast™ Ends

Made from the same material as the Everlast™ Bench, these ends offer an economical way to protect your motor and mechanism.

Choose from 3 different colors: White, Tan, and Gray

Everlast deck mount material colors