Save-T® 3 (bigRed™)

Save-T® 3

save-t 3 mechanism big red motor and end hub

The industry-standard for rope automatic pool cover systems, our Save-T® 3 mechanism is designed to work with today’s mineral sanitizers. Built with stainless-steel hardware with anodized aluminum frame and brackets to prevent corrosion.

Slip Clutch
Slip Clutch

The slip clutch acts as a torque-limiting safety device to protect the cover and mechanism. Designed to last a lifetime, it uses industrial marine-grade brake material that eliminates plastic parts.

ez lock rope reel
EZ-Lock Rope Reel System

Exclusive EZ-Lock rope reel system for simple cover alignment. Hybrid reel with stainless-steel side plates designed for quiet operation. Utilizes Corr-Resist™ technology for superior corrosion prevention.

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save-t 3 mechanism shifting dog
Positive Shift System

Save-T® 3 includes a Cover-Pools exclusive positive shift system that ensures reliable lifetime shifting between each cover opening and closing. Includes 3/8″ solid stainless-steel drive dowel and hard-cast stainless-steel gears for industry-leading durability.

End hub
Hybrid End Casting

Each Cover-Pools mechanism includes an exclusive hybrid end casting with stainless steel and durable polymer parts to prevent corrosion. Each roller drum is also marine-grade anodized for maximum durability. Utilizes Corr-Resist™ technology for superior corrosion prevention.

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bigRED™ is our standard electric drive system with an advanced 3/4 horsepower, high-torque, waterproof motor made exclusively for Cover-Pools.

bigRed motor
big red motor only cut away
Powerful yet Compact

With twice the available torque of other electric automatic pool cover motors, bigRED is as powerful as it is compact. An O-ring and potted wire entry points ensure a watertight seal. No-maintenance hardened-steel gears are encased in permanent grease. This motor is UL-listed


Like an electronic slip clutch, the amp limiter shuts the motor off when the pool cover is fully opened or closed. It also is compatible with the accessory board to control water features.

hydraulic version
Hydraulic Motor Option

Cover-Pools offers a powerful 1 1/2 horsepower hydraulic motor. Its sensitive pressure-release system offers adjustable power and a built-in automatic shutoff for maximum safety. This powerful hydraulic system provides more compact components and increased space efficiency.

Ultimate Motor
The Ultimate 3/4 Horsepower Upgrade

For large-sized pools, the Ultimate High-Torque motor provides 25% more torque and reduces the speed by 25% perfect for those jobs that need more power.