V-Pak™ Kit


The V-Pak is a complete, easy-to-install cover kit for vinyl liner pools. The V-Pak kit includes a flush mount walk-on lid, an UPB box, an easy-to-install beam cover with vinyl retainer, your choice of track channel with retainer using Type A coping or Vinyl Liner Coping track channel, and stainless steel vanishing lid brackets.

V-Pak™ components

  • Four standard pool sizes
  • Available in white or gray
  • QuadCore™ 18 oz Fabric
  • BigRed™ motor and CorrResist™ technology
  • Flush Mount Lid (1) with Frame (2)
  • Stainless Steel Vanishing™ Lid Brackets (3)
  • Ultimate™ Polymer Box (5) with Channel (4)
  • Integrated Beam Cover (6)
  • Integrated vinyl channel with three coping options (7) – none (or add reusable forms), standard, and bullnose
  • Square, chopped, 6″ or 24″ radius corners