Cover Any Type of Pool

All Cover-Pools pool covers are tailor made to fit your pool, no matter the shape or size. We have the options to provide you with a variety of deck designs and other features to enhance the appearance of your pool.
Rectangular Pools

The classic rectangular pool is naturally disposed to having a cover. Cover-Pools has many cover options for rectangular pools, depending on your stage of the building process, your deck surface, and any special features you’ve incorporated into your pool.

Freeform Pools

Part of the satisfaction you get from owning a swimming pool comes from its design and style. Whether it’s kidney-shaped, Grecian, oval, round, or abstract, these creative freeform swimming pool designs can accommodate our convenient pool cover system.

Free-Form Cantilever Pool with Auto Cover
Free-form Pool with Deck-on-Deck Cover
Roman Pool with Deck Track Cover
L-shaped Pools

An L-shaped pool can easily use a Cover-Pools pool cover when integrated into the original construction of the swimming pool. This pool shape uses a system at each end of the pool. The two automatic pool covers meet in the middle to protect the pool.

Covered L-Shape Pool
L-Shape Pool w Cover and Painted Lid
L-Shape Pool with Beige Cover
Cover-Pools also has extensive experience creating pool covers for special construction needs.
Vanishing Edge Pools

A vanishing-edge pool (also known as an infinity edge pool) can have an automatic pool cover installed with a special Underside track adaptor.

Deck-on-deck Construction

The deck-on-deck application uses track channel for seamless integration of an undertrack system on freeform pools.

Extended Cantilever Deck

The extended cantilever deck process also allows freeform pools to use an undertrack installation with track channel. With this technique, the tracks are laid out parallel to each other at the widest part of the pool on the first deck. A second deck is built slightly raised to allow the cover to open and close without obstruction, and it mirrors the shape of the pool.

Thin Coping

For thin deck material such as slate, artificial rock, or tile, track channel and undertrack should be used. This allows for any coping with a thickness less than two inches to safely accommodate an automatic pool cover system.


Cover-Pools can cover your inset spa and spa attached to your pool, too! For freestanding or separate in-ground spas, consider the AutoSave™ spa cover.