Custom Fabric Colors

quad-core pool cover fabric

Our premium Quad-Core laminated fabric is available in many special-order custom colors to match your pool decor. If you do not see your favorite color, contact your dealer for additional color options. Please see actual fabric sample when making color choice. Colors may vary. Quad-Core fabric is also available in eleven standard colors


Note: Custom fabric colors include an additional charge and longer lead time than standard fabric colors.
539 Bay Blue
522 Beige*
508 Black*
529 Bright Red
516 Brown
515 Buff
527 Burgundy
537 Champagne
513 Clear
536 Cobalt Blue
510 Dark Green
541 Designer White
518 Dusky Blue*
524 Eggshell
562 Emerald
525 English Brown
567 Jade
538 Parchment
528 Pewter
503 Royal Blue*
545 Ruby
506 Slate Gray*
543 Spruce
570 Summer Ivy
566 Sunflower
514 Lime Green
564 Teal
526 Terra Cotta
540 Timber
523 White
565 Reef Blue
* Available as a standard color.

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The Quad-Core Difference

After years of extensive research, we developed an exclusive formula that Cover-Pools has now been using for decades. While we continue to test new materials introduced by fabric manufacturers, we have yet to find a product superior to our current exclusive fabric formula.